Tretinoin cream for chicken pox

Powerful Effect of Tretinoin Cream for Chicken Pox

Chicken pox pictures

Chicken pox pictures

Chicken pox is no longer considered as deathly disease. Anyone who suffer from the disease can get immediate treatment at the hospital. However, chicken pox can give you some problem with the scars it left. Some people are lucky enough not to suffer from chicken pox scar, while most people out there are struggling to remove the scars. It’s nothing serious actually, but it certainly gives ugly sight. You can feel depressed to know that you have chicken pox scars all over your body, especially if you have the scar on your face. It’s true that the scar will eventually fade away. It will be gone completely, but it takes years to be free from it. For the scar on the face, you can cover it by applying foundation base. However, can you really wait for years untill those chicken pox scar faded away from your skin?

Chicken pox scar removal

Those ugly dark spots coming from chicken pox that you had can ruin your life. For a girl, it can take all her self confidence. You can’t just wait untill it fades away. You need to do something to remove it. There are creams and skin treatments that are meant to remove scars. You can also go to see dermatologist for professional help on your chicken pox scar. One of the options that you have is using tretinoin cream. It’s a common way to remove scar. Tretinoin cream for chicken pox has proven to be effective with minimum side effects. Tretinoin is retinoids that’s commonly used in acne treatment. The special effect of this medicine is that it can stimulate the growth of skin cells. In acne treatment, it’s common to deal with scars and holes caused by acne. Tretinoin works effectively on the skin to stimulate skin cells growth. Therefore, the scars will slowly fade away. It’s also quite easy to use. It only takes regular application of this topical cream on the skin. At first, you may feel some discomfort as tretinoin can give stinging or warm sensation on the skin. It’s normal reaction and you don’t need to be worry about it. Continue using the cream untill your chicken pox scars have completely gone.

Before choosing tretinoin for your chicken pox scar, you need to see your doctor and get professional opinion about this medicine. Some people are allergic to tretinoin, so you may need to stay safe and prevent any serious side effects  that you may suffer. The commonly reported side effects from tretinoin are redness, scaling, itching, mild burning, and dryness. You also need to be careful in applying tretinoin. After applying tretinoin on your skin, you had better to minimize sun exposure as the medicine is increasing your sensitivity towards sunlight. You also need to avoid using certain cosmetics and beauty treatment, such as hair perming, waxing or other hair removal procedures. Always make sure that your skin is cleansed before applying tretinoin to avoid any possible side effect. You need to contact your doctor if you suffer from any tretinoin side effects.

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