Tretinoin cream and gel

Tretinoin gel or cream over the counter

Let’s face it (no pun intended), when we have cosmetic skin issues, we are always self-conscious every time people look at our faces.  Not only are fine lines and wrinkles a problem, but acne and even discoloration can make us want to wear dark sunglasses and lots of makeup.  However, while you might have thought you tried everything, have you tried Tretinoin Cream or Tretinoin Gel?

Often times, cosmetic skin issues are caused by many different reasons, and those reasons have different affects in different people.  So, what may cause acne in someone, may not in someone else.  If certain acne treatment products work on some, they may not work on others.  The problem is that many products, especially for acne, only deal with the symptoms rather than dealing with the problem itself.

In many cases, people have skin problems, not because of diet, oils, bacteria …or whatever.  Rather, many have skin issues due to their slower rate of skin cell renewal.  Skin regeneration is important because it gets rid of the dead skin cells that harbor bacteria and toxins.  In addition, slower skin regeneration is a result of a deficiency in the necessary nutrients that make for healthy skin.

What can tretinoin cream be used for

Tretinoin Cream is a product that, both removes dead skin cells, and reinforces new, young skin with Vitamin-A, thereby increasing the rate of skin renewal.

This process is actually not uncommon, especially if you’ve ever received an exfoliation treatment. Tretinoin Cream works very similarly, but instead of removing dead skin through abrasion and acid-based products, you are removing it through a ‘chemical peel’ process.

Also, Tretinoin can come in the form of a gel.  The main difference between Tretinoin Cream and Tretinoin Gel, is that the cream is usually best for topical applications over smaller areas that need a concentration of medication; whereas, the gel spreads better over a larger area with less concentration.

If you are having cosmetic skin problems, give your dermatologist a buzz, as this may be a great solution to a very, very annoying problem.

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