Tretinoin Cream 0.5 Vs 0.025

Know About Tretinoin Cream 0.5 Versus Tretionin Cream 0.025

One of the best skincare creams available in the market is the Tretonin Cream. This cream not only fights acne and pimples but it also is an anti-aging product. There are many people that have used this cream and gain glowing and healthy skin with regular use.  You are able to find the Tretinoin Cream in various strengths There are two variants of the Tretinoin Cream and they are the 0.025% tretinoin and 0.050% tretinoin cream variants. When you have decided to use this cream you have to take the advice of a doctor to understand what variation will help you more. The former is more powerful in formulation than the latter and works on stubborn forms of acne and marks. Both these creams have more and less the same effects however before you are using them you must ensure you are aware of the variant that will give you the desired results.

Tretinoin cream ingredients

Both these creams have the power of Tretinoin is the acidic form of Vitamin C that is a trusted form that improves the health and the texture of the skin. This ingredient helps you to remove marks, acne and stretch marks effectively. It is also used by people that are suffering from hyperpigmentation.

 Both the creams do not give you overnight results and they have to be used long term to give you the results you are looking for. With both the creams you can control the sebum and the oil content in the skin. They take time to penetrate into each layer of the skin to clean the impurities that lie inside. You do not have to worry if your skin is sensitive as this cream is a medicated one and will not harm your skin with prolonged use.

How does tretinoin cream work

There are two ways via which these creams work.First they exfoliate the skin while dissolving the upper layer of the dead skin to reveal fresh and younger looking skin beneath. The process generally takes weeks and you often will find the condition worsening when you are using it for the first few weeks. The process is more or like the chemical peels that work on the surface of the skin and give you better looking skin with success. Secondly the Vitamin A derivative retinol is an antioxidant and fights the free radicals in the skin. This means the skin gets a youthful glow and appeal. The process takes about 8-12 weeks and for this you have to be patient.

You are able to find both variants of the Tretinoin cream in stores. Both of them are ideal for people till the age of 71 years. However when you are buying the cream ensure you order them from online and local stores that are reputed and only sell certified products. The cream should be used once in the night and not exposed to sunlight. In this manner you effectively are able to reduce the signs of aging and get better healthy skin!

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