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Tretinoin 0.025% cream

Tretinoin 0.025% cream is commonly used to treat patients with facial acne. Previously topical antibiotics were the first line treatment option for acne but due to the risk of developing resistance their use become restricted. It belongs to the class of retinoid related to vitamin A. Tretinoin 0.025% cream has excellent comedolytic effect.

Acne can be classified in two ways- inflammatory and noninflammatory acne. Acne starts with simple comedone formations which are commonly known as noninflammatory type acne. These comedones are rich with lipid content and encourage the proliferation of Propionibacterium acnes, the responsible inflammatory acne bacteria. So if it can be treated in the initial phase then further worse consequences can be avoided. That is why Tretinoin 0.025% cream is the drug of choice for the treatment of comedonal acne of the dermatologists. Tretinoin 0.025% cream effectively removes comedone and brings acne free smiling faces.

Usual recommended dose of Tretinoin 0.025% cream is once daily to the affected areas. Have to apply small amount of the cream over the comedones lightly. Rubbing at the application site is not suggested. To avoid irritation this preparation is better to apply at evening or at night time usually after washing the entire face. After washing the facial skin, 20 to 30 minutes have to wait allowing the skin surface to dry. Otherwise wet skin may increase the possibility of more irritation after application of the cream. It can not be applied to the eyes, mouth or any other exposed surfaces of the skin. In case of accidental administration to eye, it should be washed off immediately with ample amount of water. After application of this medication, hands should be washed properly to avoid accidental ingestion.

Duration of treatment of Tretinoin 0.025% cream is usually determined by the physicians. After two to three weeks of administration, beneficial effects are observed. More than six weeks of treatment is required for obtaining the optimal effect. During using this cream, initially the application site becomes reddish. This condition disappears with time. If this condition persists and the discomfort becomes prominent then immediately have to consult with the physician. If anyone forgets to apply one or two doses of this cream then have to start using at usual frequency from the next day i.e. once daily. More than once daily application or use of large amount can not bring any better result rather it may cause potential skin reactions. Proper method of application ensures the better result of Tretinoin 0.025% cream.

All the retinoids are associated with skin irritation during sun exposure. So Tretinoin 0.025% cream should be used under caution where the possibility of sun light exposure. It is recommended to use moisturizers if skin dryness senses.

Tretinoin 0.025% cream is also indicated for the treatment of aging skin where the visible signs of wrinkle are present. It nourishes vitamin A deficiencies and regenerates skin cells. It has clinically proven that Tretinoin 0.025% cream is an effective treatment option for wrinkling.

During pregnancy different hormones of the pregnant women fluctuates. And it is sometime associated with facial acne. Use of Tretinoin 0.025% cream in pregnancy is restricted as it may harm the fetus. Breast feeding mothers are also discouraged to use this medication due to the possibility of transferring medicine to the baby.

This is contraindicated in patient with known hypersensitivity to any of the component of the preparation and in those patients who can not tolerate Tadalafil. It also can not be used in the areas affected by eczema or where the skin is damaged.

More than 25 years Tretinoin 0.025% cream has been used for the topical treatment of acne and wrinkling from aging skin. It is the first retinoid developed for the topical treatment of acne and still the drug of choice to treat comedonal acne.

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