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Renova tretioin cream 0.02 for your skin

Renova Tretinoin Cream 0.02%

The Renova Tretionin Cream 0.02 for skincare has been designed in such a manner to reduce and lessen the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. It also helps in reducing the skin discoloration and makes dry and rough skin feel smooth. This is a topical cream and it is generally advised to be applied once in the night.  This cream has a vitamin A derivative called Renova that goes deep inside the skin and enhances the production of collagen. This cream removes the layer of dead cells and clears the skin from toxins and impurities. With regular use the cream is able to remove age spots and the visibility of fine lines and wrinkles on the surface of the skin. The cream treats wrinkles but it is not formulated to prevent the appearance of new wrinkles.

Direction to use Renova tretioin cream

  1. This cream should be used daily for getting the desired results.
  2. You should cleanse the face and after 15-20 minutes take half an inch of cream on your fingertips.
  3. The cream should be dabbed on the face and blended in well.

The skin goes deep inside the skin to work on the layers beneath. This means you will not get very fast results when you use the cream for the very first weeks. You should not get disappointed as the cream actually goes to the root to remove the impurities and toxins in the layers beneath. With the passage of time you will find the condition of the skin becoming worse. However, this is normal and nothing for you to be afraid about.

How long does Renova tretinoin cream take to work

It is formulated to give you blemish free skin after a prolonged use of 8-12 weeks. Now this means if you have decided to buy the cream you need to be patient. It is not like any cosmetic production. It ensures the cells of the skin are renewed so that you get younger looking skin that appears fresh and clean.

Renova tretinoin cream side effects

When you are using this cream ensure you do not step out in the sunlight much. You should also keep your skin guarded from artificial light like sunlamps and the like. The cream is sensitive to the light of the sun and this is why you should avoid it as much as possible. Studies have proved that the Renova Tretinoin Cream 0.02 can be used by adults up to the age of 71 years without problems. Pregnant women however should not use the product and this also includes women that are about to conceive as well. In fact women should stop using the cream at least one month from the date of conception.

Where can you buy the Renova Tretioin Cream 0.02

This cream is an over the counter one and you can find it in reputed pharmaceutical and drug stores. This cream should be taken on prescription if you suffer from aggravated forms of skin aging. When you are buying this cream you must ensure you buy it from reputed stores and certified labs.

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