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Tretinoin cream for poison ivy

How to use tretinoin cream for poison ivy

Poison ivy

Rash and redness caused by poison ivy or poison oak is a common thing that can happen all year long. During spring the case of poison ivy increases as people spend more time outdoor and it also increase the chance of them getting in contact with the plant. Although poison ivy is not a deathly case, it still give inconveniences to the one who suffers it. The rash and redness come with itchiness that surely make it feel uncomfortable. Beside the rash itself has given quite uncomfortable sight to the eye. Although the pain will fade and go in two weeks, you certainly will look for medicines that can relief the itch and allergic reaction from poison ivy. It won’t be hard to find as poison ivy is a common problem throughout the country. With only small contact with the plant can give you the allergic reaction. You can even suffer the allergic reaction through indirect contact. Even touching something that have been in contact with the oil of the plant can make you suffer from poison ivy.

Poison ivy rash

Poison ivy rash

The best way to prevent it from getting worse is to wash the skin contacted with poison ivy in cold running water. You need to do it as soon as possible as the reaction begins within minutes. Remove your clothing and wash it with detergent immediately. For the medicine, you can apply calamine lotion after taking cold shower. It will relief the itching. Some people choose hydrocortisone cream. This medicine can also relief the itching, but it’s not strong enough to relief the rashes. Cool compress can soothe the itching. You can use towel soaked in tap water. There are othe medicines that can soothe the intense itching. Although the itching seems to be the main problem as you may suffer from it for two weeks, it’s not the only problem that you have. You still suffer from rash that can dry up to some ooze. After a couple of days, the skin is cooling and you need to apply some medicine to cure the rash. Calamine makes the best choice for this purpose. You need to dry up the blisters. Don’t apply any lotion that contains benzocaine, topical antihistamine or zurconium as it will make the rash getting worse.

After the skin gets over the rash, you may find discolorization on the area exposed to poison ivy. Tretinoin cream for poison ivy may not be a common medicine. Tretinoin is usually prescribed for acne problems. This topical medicine is known for reducine wrinkles and fine lines too. Tretinoin stimulates the growth of new skin cells. If the rash and redness from poison ivy get worse and cause discolorization, then you may want to apply tretinoin to remove the discolorization. When you apply tretinoin for the first time, you may feel some warm sensation. Continue to apply this medicine unless you are having these symptoms, such as itching, mild burning, or skin redness. As tretinoin is considered as retinoids and the use of the medicine is supervised by health care professionals, you may need to contact your doctor in using tretinoin for poison ivy.

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