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Tretinoin cream for stretch marks

Safe method in using tretinoin cream for stretch marks

Best Cream For Stretch Marks

Stretch marks

Everyone wants to have smooth and soft skin, yet there are things that can ruin this small dream. Stretch marks becomes one of the problems that often gives you trouble. You can hide your stretch marks from people’s eyes with your clothes, but there will be summer days when you are at the beach and putting on your bikini. Flaunting your skin with stretch marks will be a horrific sight for others. It also takes away your confident. Having stretch marks also forces you to be careful in choosing your daily clothes. You need to ensure your clothing can cover all your stretch marks. It means that you can’t put on your favorite mini skirt or shorts. With limited choices of clothings that you can wear, it only gives you more trouble to maintain your chic and trendy look. Instead of wasting your time and effort to cover your stretch marks, why don’t you try to get rid of those horrible stretch marks?

It won’t be easy to get rid of your stretch marks. Anyone knows that removing stretch marks requires time and effort. You may need to see a dermatologist to get the best treatment to remove the ugly sight. You may need to have some understanding on what caused stretch marks. It’s basically disfiguring lesions on the skin as the effect of excessive skin stretching. One of the recommended medicine for stretch marks is tretinoin. It has proven to lessen stretch marks although it does take some time to completely remove the ugly sight.

Tretinoin cream 0.1 for stretch marks

Tretinoin cream for stretch marks is trusted to be safe. You can look for topical cream that contains 0.1% tretinoin cream for the treatment. You won’t immediately see the result of applying tretinoin on your stretch marks. In fact, it takes 2 months of applying tretinoin to finally see the result. Some researches have proven that tretinoin can reduce the severity scores of stretch marks. It can reduce the length and width of stretch marks without showing any side effects. Of course, the treatment must be supervised by professional dermatologist. In fact, applying tretinoin cream on early appearance of stretch marks can stop the process and remove stretch marks in faster time.

How to use tretinoin cream for stretch marks

Although tretinoin cream has proven to effectively remove stretch marks, you still need to pay serious attention on the use of this medicine.

  • Tretinoin is only meant for topical use.
  • You only need to apply it thinly.
  • You will feel light sensation of warm and stinging from tretinoin when you first apply it. It’s common effect of the medicine.
  • Unless you suffer from the side effects, such as redness, dryness, scaling, or itching, you can continue applying this medicine.
  • You need to apply daily moisturizer to prevent dryness commonly found in using tretinoin.
  • Remember to use sunscreen or protective clothing when you are out under direct exposure of sunlight.

Tretinoin may cause mild sunburn when you are exposed to sunlight. You also need to be careful in using cosmetics and beauty treatments as interactions of those treatments with tretinoin may increase the risk of getting side effects.

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