Is it safe to use tretinoin during pregnancy?

Tretinoin cream for pregnancy is dangerous for the baby

Being pregnant is one of joyous moment in your life. You and your spouse is welcoming a new member of the family. However, most women understand the inconveniences of being pregnant. The physical change can be overwhelming. Any women would want to have slim and fit body. Being pregnant will change everything. The body will grow bigger as the baby grows. It can bring psychological problem for the mother-to-be. As the belly grows bigger, it’s common to have stretch marks around the belly and thighs. The worst part is the fact that these stretch marks won’t be gone after labor. If you want to have smooth and soft skin, it gives you a serious problem. Of course, you can’t just leave your pregnancy ruin your beauty. There are solutions to remove stretch marks effectively. It won’t be a difficult matter, you just need to wait until your baby is born and proceed to your beauty treatment.

Does tretinoin cream work for stretch marks during pregnancy?

Going to the doctor for stretch mark removal medicine will give you tretinoin. It’s common for doctors to prescribe tretinoin to remove stretch marks. This topical cream can effectively remove the ugly stretch marks from your skin, although it takes a couple of weeks. However, it’s considered a safe method to set your free from stretch marks. Tretinoin doesn’t cause serious side effects too. The most common side effects are mild burning, dryness, and itching on the skin. However, it will be a different story if you are applying tretinoin cream for pregnancy. Any doctor wouldn’t recommend pregnant women from applying this cream. Tretinoin is retinoids that can harm pregnancy. In fact, retinoids has seriously dangerous effect for the baby.

Although you apply tretinoin on your skin, the medicine will be absorb into your blood stream and eventually, it will get into the baby. You won’t see any serious side effect immediately, but you need to think for your baby. Pregnant women must put their baby’s safety as their main priority. Seriously go to see the doctor about this matter. Any doctor wouldn’t allow you to use tretinoin although you suffer from serious stretch marks. The best way is to wait until your baby is born and you have finished breastfeeding your baby. Using tretinoin cream in pregnant women is also considered dangerous. The cream can affect the baby through direct contact or absorbed into the breast milk.

Indeed, tretinoin is easy to use. You just need to be patient in applying the cream on your stretch marks caused by pregnancy. It only takes thin application unto the area. You must remember that tretinoin increases your sensitivity on sun exposure. You may need to avoid outdoor activities and wear protective clothes when you are out. Although tretinoin is easy and safe, it still has some side effects. In adults, tretinoin can cause dryness, itching, scaling, skin burning, etc. You can imagine a baby suffering from those side effects. Be careful with your decision in using medicines when you are pregnant. Always think for your baby to avoid any serious health problem on your baby.

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