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Tretinoin cream for eczema

Is tretinoin good for eczema?

Eczema is a skin condition characterized by inflammation, itching and reddening on the skin. Those symptoms are also often accompanied with the formation of crusty and scaly patches on the affected skin. When this condition becomes severe, those patches may discharge fluid or ichor. This especially occurs when bacterial infection exacerbates the condition. To treat eczema, you can use any topical medications that are recommended for treating this skin disorder. However, because eczema is considered a complex disorder, the treatment should be administered by or under supervision of a dermatologist or a qualified doctor. This should also be the case when you use Tretinoin Cream for eczema treatment.

What Is tretinoin cream?

Tretinoin Cream that you can use to treat your eczema is the carboxylic acid form of vitamin A. When you buy this cream, you will know that there are different variants of this cream that have different strength. The weakest cream that you can use is one that contains only 0.025 percent of Tretinoin whereas the strongest may contain 0.1 percent of the same substance. You cannot haphazardly choose any of those products because your doctor or dermatologist knows better which product is the right for you. Therefore, before using Tretinoin Cream, it is recommended that you consult your doctor to get advices and prescription controlling the usage of Tretinoin Cream to treat your eczema.

How to use tretinoin cream to treat eczema

Before you use Tretinoin Cream to treat eczema, you have to make sure that the affected skin is clean and dry. Don’t use water to clean your skin because water makes your eczema worse. Instead, use gentle skin cleanser that provides your skin with enough moisture without causing abrasion. Cleansers like Cetaphil work best in making the affected skin clean before you apply Tretinoin Cream on it. To ensure the cleanliness of your skin, wait about 20 minutes and avoid anything that makes your skin dirty. Afterwards, you can apply the cream on the affected skin. Rub very gently the cream on the skin so as not to damage the affected skin. Rub continuously the cream until it completely disappears. Remember that you can only apply this topical preparation one per day. Therefore, avoid excessive use of this cream to prevent any severe side effects from occurring.

Some major precautions

  1. Beware of Its Side Effects

This cream rarely causes unwanted side effects; however, some people who have very sensitive skin have reported the occurrence of redness and itch on their skin after they apply it. In some severe cases, this preparation is reported to cause eczema instead of treating it. This is the reason why you have to consult a doctor before using this product. If the side effects that you experience have become too agonizing to bear, you should consult your doctor once again.

  1. Avoid It When You Are Pregnant

If you are pregnant, you may need to avoid this cream because it has been reported to cause possible birth defects. Is it safe to use tretinoin during pregnancy?

  1. Avoid Excessive Sunray Exposure When Using It

Tretinoin Cream makes your skin more sensitive to UV ray. Therefore, always use sunscreen with at least SPF 15 if you have to be outdoor during your treatment session. Is tretinoin good for sun damaged skin?


Tretinoin cream for discoloration

Tretinoin cream for discoloration

Tretinoin and skin discoloration / Hyperpigmentation – Reviews

skin discoloration pictures

skin discoloration pictures

Your skin may become discolored if a certain skin disorder occurs on it. This disorder can be anything like acne, scar, wrinkle, and eczema. A skin disorder may be caused by bacterial infection and skin cells’ tendency to stick together. Therefore, keeping skin hygiene and applying topical medication that reduces such tendency are two effective methods to make sure that your skin is always free from it. It is also recommended that you use medication that increases cell turnover, allowing your skin cells to heal more quickly. One medication that is proven to be effective in treating skin disorder is Tretinoin Cream. Tretinoin Cream works on your skin by reducing the possibilities of skin cells’ sticking together and improving skin cell turnover. Therefore, it can be a reliable medication to treat your skin discoloration.

What Is tretinoin cream

Tretinoin Cream for discoloration is derived primarily from vitamin A. When applied to the affected skin, it will encourage the skin to heal itself faster by causing the skin cells to turn over faster than normal. It also prevents acne symptoms, such as blackheads and whiteheads, from appearing on the skin. Tretinoin Cream is also believed to be effective in cleaning skin surface from wrinkles.

Directions on how to use tretinoin cream

  • As asserted earlier, your skin will remain free from unwanted skin disorders if you keep its surface clean. Therefore, before you apply the cream to your skin, it is highly recommended that you clean your skin using warm water and gentle and non-abrasive cleanser.
  • The cream should not be applied immediately after cleaning.
  • You have to wait about 20 to 30 minutes while keeping your skin clean before you can apply the cream.
  • After 30 minutes passes, you can apply around ½ inches of Tretinoin Cream to the affected skin.
  • Rub gently the skin until the cream is absorbed by the skin and until you don’t see the cream anymore.

Tretinoin Cream Safety

Tretinoin Cream is an FDA-approved product that least likely causes harm to your skin. When you apply it to your skin, it will be absorbed by your skin but only a very small portion of it will enter your blood vessels; therefore, the likeliness of this product to interact with other drugs is very little. Be sure to consult your doctor or dermatologist before using this cream, though, because this cream can only be effective in treating your skin disorder if you use it according to doctor’s order. It is also important that you stay away from direct sunlight when using this cream because it makes your skin more sensitive to UV ray.

Possible Side Effects

Despite the cream’s confirmed safety, it may still cause side effects to some people who use it. Some of those side effects, such as irritation and redness, are considered mild and common whereas the others, such as blistering and excessive redness, are considered severe. All side effects that are considered severe rarely occur. Therefore, you can always use this cream without too much fear.

Can tretinoin cream cure closed comedones?

Tretinoin cream for closed comedones

Treating closed comedones using tretinoin cream

closed comedones pictures

closed comedones pictures

Comedones develop when plugs of skin cells and oils are trapped within hair follicles. There are two types of comedones; they are open comedones (blackheads) and closed comedones (whiteheads). Open comedones are comedones of which the pores opening is not obstructed while closed comedones are comedones of which the pores opening is obstructed. Because the pores opening is obstructed, the oil is not exposed to air. However, if closed comedones are invaded by bacteria, they can become inflamed acne. Inflamed acne is a more serious acne that is sometimes more difficult to heal than acne that is developed from open comedones. Because of this fact, you are strongly recommended to find the right closed comedones treatments before your closed comedones develop into serious, inflamed acne. It has become a clear fact that serious acne requires more efforts to heal. Serous acne usually also leave acne scars that are difficult to heal. Thus, before spending too much energy and too much money to get rid of serious acne, you had better heal your closed comedones.

closed comedones pictures

closed comedones pictures

Tretinoin Cream for Closed Comedones

There are several closed comedones treatments that are recommended by doctors. Amongst those treatments, Tretinoin cream is one of the most popular treatments. This medication is effective in peeling of skin and unclog pores so that sebum and oily can easily go out to the skin surface through hair follicles. Unclog pores promote supple and smooth skin. Tretinoin cream is a retinoid, a medication that has the capability to promote the growth of skin. This means that Tretinoin cream can reduce the severity of pimples and heal pimples quickly. These days, there are 2 types of Tretinoin preparation. The first is gel preparation and the second is cream based preparation. Gel preparation is intended for patients with oily skin while cream based preparation is intended for patients with dry and sensitive skin.

Then, before patients start using Tretinoin to treat their closed comedones, they should know the side effects of Tretinoin cream. This knowledge is important as it can help patients make a well informed decision. Some common side effects of Tretinoin cream are stinging, burning, drying, peeling, redness, and irritation of the skin, and light or dark patches on the skin. If one or some of these unwanted side effects occur, patients need to reduce the application of tretinoin cream. However, if the conditions continue, patients need to consult their doctor.

To get maximum benefits of Tretinoin cream, patients should apply this medication appropriately. Patients are highly advised to apply Tretinoin as their doctor tells. Before applying Tretinoin cream, patients need to wash their face or the affected area cleanly. After that, they should dry their skin. Patients need to wait for 20 up to 30 minutes before applying the medication in order to make sure that the skin is completely dry. Because Tretinoin cream can make your skin become more sensitive to the sun, you should minimize sun exposures. You are recommended to use a sunscreen to avoid sunburn because you certainly do not want to have burnt skin while you are trying to get rid of whiteheads.

Tretinoin cream for cellulite

Tretinoin cream for cellulite

Can tretinoin cream be used to treat cellulite?

Are you looking for the best cellulite treatment? Well, having beautiful skin surely becomes the desire of most people especially women. It has become a clear fact that beautiful skin does not only make women look and feel more attractive but also increases women’s self confidence. Women’s self confidence plays a crucial role in achieving life goal. If women feel confident with themselves, they seemingly will be able to achieve their life goals more easily. Unfortunately, there are many skin problems that can negatively affect the skin such as cellulite. Cellulite is a lumpy deposit of fat near the surface that pushes against the connective tissue underneath the skin. As a result, skin will look dimpled and puckered. Cellulite develops at some points in a woman’s life. The chance of having cellulite in a woman whose mother has cellulite is higher than in a woman whose mother does not have an experience of having cellulite.

Tretinoin Cream for Cellulite on arms, legs, buttocks and thighs

cellulite on thighs and buttocks

cellulite on thighs and buttocks

Because cellulite makes women feel unconfident when wearing their swimsuits and shorts, women surely want to get rid of cellulite. In this case, women suffering from cellulite should be careful and patient because there is not any treatment that can completely cure cellulite. What cellulite treatments actually do is to minimize the appearance of cellulite on the skin. If the appearance of cellulite can be minimized, the skin will look smooth. Actually, treatments to minimize cellulite appearance on the skin include a healthy are differentiated into 2; namely noninvasive treatments and invasive treatments.

cellulite on arms

cellulite on arms after using tretinoin

For noninvasive treatments, women are recommended to change their lifestyle. They have to have a healthy lifestyle, a lifestyle where women allocate time to keep their weight ideal, eat healthy foods and do exercises in a regular basis. They are also recommended to have a rich nutrient diet that includes amino acids and antioxidants because these two substances are not only able to reduce cellular inflammation but also able to reduce fluids and increase skin circulation. If skin circulation is good, the production of collagen will be high. For invasive treatments, women can use a laser light. Liposuction is not recommended for cellulite as it only targets deep fat stores. Because cellulite is near the skin’s surface, liposuction will not be effective.

So, can Tretinoin cream be used to treat cellulite? Women actually can use Tretinoin cream to treat cellulite because this medication is able to promote the production of collagen. Tretinoin cream has been widely used to treat mild to moderate acne. Its unique ability makes many doctors also prescribe tretinoin to help eliminating the appearance of cellulite. In this case, the strongest formula of Tretinoin becomes the prescribed medication because the strongest formula can give the best result. However, because Tretinoin cream can only increase the production of collagen, Tretinoin cream surely cannot completely cure cellulite. What women can expect from the use of Tretinoin cream for cellulite is a better skin performance, not a complete cure for cellulite. If Tretinoin cream is used appropriately according to the recommended dose, it can give a significant improvement to the appearance of cellulite.

Tretinoin cream for blackheads

Tretinoin cream for blackheads

Getting Rid of Blackheads Using Tretinoin Cream 0.5, 0.05 , 0.025

Blackheads on face

Blackheads on face

According to the US Library of Medicine, blackheads are small, dark spots on the skin. Blackheads are caused by a small blockage in the hair follicles or the opening of a pore. Though the name is blackhead, they do not always black. The color of blackheads is a range from yellowish to black. Blackheads are the first stage of acne though they can develop into a pimple. It is important to understand that blackheads are not related to dirt because even though you have cleaned your face in a regular basis, you still have the possibility of having blackheads. Blackheads usually can be found on the face but in some cases, they can also be found on the back, neck, chest, shoulders, and arms.

Basically, blackheads form when a hair follicle in your skin is clogged. There are at least 4 factors that can increase the chance to developing blackheads on your skin. The first factor is too much production of body oil. The second factor is the buildup of acnes bacteria on the skin. The third factor is undergoing hormonal changes. Hormonal changes can cause an increase in oil production. The fourth factor is irritation of the hair follicles. Hair follicles can be irritated if dead skin cells do not shed regularly. The fifth factor is taking certain drugs. Some drugs like corticosteroids or androgens can increase the risks of blackheads.

The Use of Tretinoin Cream for Blackheads Treatment

Because blackheads can reduce the beauty of the face, people who are suffering from blackheads surely want to get rid of blackheads. For this purpose, there are several treatments to consider including over the counter treatments, prescription medications, manual removal, microdermabrasion, chemical peels, and laser and light therapy. In this case, over the counter treatments become the first choice because they are easy to get and usually cheaper than other blackheads treatments. Without having a prescription, you can buy over the counter blackheads treatments.

Is tretinoin cream good for blackheads



Does tretinoin cream remove blackheads? Amongst the many blackheads treatments, Tretinoin cream becomes a favorite. This happens because this medication works well in most people. This medication is able to unclog pores so that sebum in hair follicles can be removed easily. If the hair follicles are free from sebum, they will not develop blackheads. What people need to pay attention before using Tretinoin cream to treat blackheads is to know that Tretinoin cream can cause sunburn. This fact simply implies that Tretinoin cream can only be applied when the skin is not exposed to sun. In other words, Tretinoin cream should only be used at bedtime.

Further, people should also understand that Tretinoin cream should be applied on dry clean skin otherwise it will cause unwanted side effects like redness, stinging on the skin, and many more. You are recommended to clean your face and dry it well 20 to 30 minutes before applying this medication. You should cover the affected area slightly and should avoid excessive applications. You are strongly advised to read the description on the prescription label carefully and then follow it obediently if you want to get rid of blackheads.

Tretinoin cream for hair loss

Tretinoin cream for hair loss

The Uses of Tretinoin Cream for Hair Loss

Finding a hair loss treatment is not a difficult thing to do these days. There are many hair loss treatments available on the market. Whether you shop at a local store or at an online store, you can find a hair loss treatment easily. This condition is advantageous for people suffering from hair loss problems as they can find a solution to their problem more easily. However, because not all hair loss treatments can work well, people need to be selective in choosing a hair loss treatment. In this case, people must choose a treatment that clinically has been proven effective in stimulating hair growth. If a treatment has been proven effective, people will not waste their time, energy, or money.

Can Tretinoin Cream Be Used for Hair Loss?

Tretinoin cream is a derivative of vitamin A that is commonly used as a topical treatment for mild or moderate acne. This medication decreases the number and severity of acne pimples. Tretinoin also promotes quick healing of pimples. It does control acne but it does not cure acne. Due to the fact that this medication works by affecting the growth of skin cells, Tretinoin is also used to improve the appearance of skin. Tretinoin is able to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, eliminate dark spots on the skin, and reduce skin roughness. Fine lines, wrinkles, dark spots, and skin roughness are some signs of aging. As a result, these days, Tretinoin can be easily found in anti wrinkles products, skin tightening products, and skin lightening products.

Because Tretinoin has the capability to regulate the growth of epithelial cells, many people think that it can be used to treat hair loss. It has become a clear fact that hair loss is associated with unhealthy scalp. Healthy scalp is the best place for hair to grow. The healthier the scalp is, the better the hair growth is. In fact, if you want to use Tretinoin to treat hair growth, you should not use it alone because Tretinoin is not a major hair growth stimulant. Instead, you have to use Tretinoin together with Minoxidil. Minoxidil is able to stimulate hair growth and prevent hair loss when it is taken topically. If Tretinoin is used together with Minoxidil on the affected area, Tretinoin can enhance the effect of Minoxidil. Meaning to say, the combination of Tretinoin and Minoxidil is a perfect combination for hair loss treatment because Tretinoin boosts the effects of Minoxidil.

Does tretinoin cream cause hair loss?

However, because both Tretinoin and Minoxidil have unwanted side effects, the use of these medications should be carefully considered. Some unwanted side effects of Tretinoin are increase in acne sores, red and scaling skin, lightening or darkening skin, swelling and blistering of the skin, and slight stinging of the skin. Excessive use of tretinoin will make skin more sensitive to sun. As a solution, Tretinoin should be applied at bedtime. In conclusion, even though Tretinoin can help promoting hair growth and combined with Minoxidil, it is necessary for you to use Tretinoin for hair loss carefully. Thus, you had better consult your doctor before buying or using Tretinoin in order to get better health advices and a recommended dose.

Is it safe to use tretinoin during pregnancy?

Is it safe to use tretinoin during pregnancy?

Tretinoin cream for pregnancy is dangerous for the baby

Being pregnant is one of joyous moment in your life. You and your spouse is welcoming a new member of the family. However, most women understand the inconveniences of being pregnant. The physical change can be overwhelming. Any women would want to have slim and fit body. Being pregnant will change everything. The body will grow bigger as the baby grows. It can bring psychological problem for the mother-to-be. As the belly grows bigger, it’s common to have stretch marks around the belly and thighs. The worst part is the fact that these stretch marks won’t be gone after labor. If you want to have smooth and soft skin, it gives you a serious problem. Of course, you can’t just leave your pregnancy ruin your beauty. There are solutions to remove stretch marks effectively. It won’t be a difficult matter, you just need to wait until your baby is born and proceed to your beauty treatment.

Does tretinoin cream work for stretch marks during pregnancy?

Going to the doctor for stretch mark removal medicine will give you tretinoin. It’s common for doctors to prescribe tretinoin to remove stretch marks. This topical cream can effectively remove the ugly stretch marks from your skin, although it takes a couple of weeks. However, it’s considered a safe method to set your free from stretch marks. Tretinoin doesn’t cause serious side effects too. The most common side effects are mild burning, dryness, and itching on the skin. However, it will be a different story if you are applying tretinoin cream for pregnancy. Any doctor wouldn’t recommend pregnant women from applying this cream. Tretinoin is retinoids that can harm pregnancy. In fact, retinoids has seriously dangerous effect for the baby.

Although you apply tretinoin on your skin, the medicine will be absorb into your blood stream and eventually, it will get into the baby. You won’t see any serious side effect immediately, but you need to think for your baby. Pregnant women must put their baby’s safety as their main priority. Seriously go to see the doctor about this matter. Any doctor wouldn’t allow you to use tretinoin although you suffer from serious stretch marks. The best way is to wait until your baby is born and you have finished breastfeeding your baby. Using tretinoin cream in pregnant women is also considered dangerous. The cream can affect the baby through direct contact or absorbed into the breast milk.

Indeed, tretinoin is easy to use. You just need to be patient in applying the cream on your stretch marks caused by pregnancy. It only takes thin application unto the area. You must remember that tretinoin increases your sensitivity on sun exposure. You may need to avoid outdoor activities and wear protective clothes when you are out. Although tretinoin is easy and safe, it still has some side effects. In adults, tretinoin can cause dryness, itching, scaling, skin burning, etc. You can imagine a baby suffering from those side effects. Be careful with your decision in using medicines when you are pregnant. Always think for your baby to avoid any serious health problem on your baby.

Tretinoin cream for chicken pox

Tretinoin cream for chicken pox

Powerful Effect of Tretinoin Cream for Chicken Pox

Chicken pox pictures

Chicken pox pictures

Chicken pox is no longer considered as deathly disease. Anyone who suffer from the disease can get immediate treatment at the hospital. However, chicken pox can give you some problem with the scars it left. Some people are lucky enough not to suffer from chicken pox scar, while most people out there are struggling to remove the scars. It’s nothing serious actually, but it certainly gives ugly sight. You can feel depressed to know that you have chicken pox scars all over your body, especially if you have the scar on your face. It’s true that the scar will eventually fade away. It will be gone completely, but it takes years to be free from it. For the scar on the face, you can cover it by applying foundation base. However, can you really wait for years untill those chicken pox scar faded away from your skin?

Chicken pox scar removal

Those ugly dark spots coming from chicken pox that you had can ruin your life. For a girl, it can take all her self confidence. You can’t just wait untill it fades away. You need to do something to remove it. There are creams and skin treatments that are meant to remove scars. You can also go to see dermatologist for professional help on your chicken pox scar. One of the options that you have is using tretinoin cream. It’s a common way to remove scar. Tretinoin cream for chicken pox has proven to be effective with minimum side effects. Tretinoin is retinoids that’s commonly used in acne treatment. The special effect of this medicine is that it can stimulate the growth of skin cells. In acne treatment, it’s common to deal with scars and holes caused by acne. Tretinoin works effectively on the skin to stimulate skin cells growth. Therefore, the scars will slowly fade away. It’s also quite easy to use. It only takes regular application of this topical cream on the skin. At first, you may feel some discomfort as tretinoin can give stinging or warm sensation on the skin. It’s normal reaction and you don’t need to be worry about it. Continue using the cream untill your chicken pox scars have completely gone.

Before choosing tretinoin for your chicken pox scar, you need to see your doctor and get professional opinion about this medicine. Some people are allergic to tretinoin, so you may need to stay safe and prevent any serious side effects  that you may suffer. The commonly reported side effects from tretinoin are redness, scaling, itching, mild burning, and dryness. You also need to be careful in applying tretinoin. After applying tretinoin on your skin, you had better to minimize sun exposure as the medicine is increasing your sensitivity towards sunlight. You also need to avoid using certain cosmetics and beauty treatment, such as hair perming, waxing or other hair removal procedures. Always make sure that your skin is cleansed before applying tretinoin to avoid any possible side effect. You need to contact your doctor if you suffer from any tretinoin side effects.

How to use tretinoin cream for stretch marks?

Tretinoin cream for stretch marks

Safe method in using tretinoin cream for stretch marks

Best Cream For Stretch Marks

Stretch marks

Everyone wants to have smooth and soft skin, yet there are things that can ruin this small dream. Stretch marks becomes one of the problems that often gives you trouble. You can hide your stretch marks from people’s eyes with your clothes, but there will be summer days when you are at the beach and putting on your bikini. Flaunting your skin with stretch marks will be a horrific sight for others. It also takes away your confident. Having stretch marks also forces you to be careful in choosing your daily clothes. You need to ensure your clothing can cover all your stretch marks. It means that you can’t put on your favorite mini skirt or shorts. With limited choices of clothings that you can wear, it only gives you more trouble to maintain your chic and trendy look. Instead of wasting your time and effort to cover your stretch marks, why don’t you try to get rid of those horrible stretch marks?

It won’t be easy to get rid of your stretch marks. Anyone knows that removing stretch marks requires time and effort. You may need to see a dermatologist to get the best treatment to remove the ugly sight. You may need to have some understanding on what caused stretch marks. It’s basically disfiguring lesions on the skin as the effect of excessive skin stretching. One of the recommended medicine for stretch marks is tretinoin. It has proven to lessen stretch marks although it does take some time to completely remove the ugly sight.

Tretinoin cream 0.1 for stretch marks

Tretinoin cream for stretch marks is trusted to be safe. You can look for topical cream that contains 0.1% tretinoin cream for the treatment. You won’t immediately see the result of applying tretinoin on your stretch marks. In fact, it takes 2 months of applying tretinoin to finally see the result. Some researches have proven that tretinoin can reduce the severity scores of stretch marks. It can reduce the length and width of stretch marks without showing any side effects. Of course, the treatment must be supervised by professional dermatologist. In fact, applying tretinoin cream on early appearance of stretch marks can stop the process and remove stretch marks in faster time.

How to use tretinoin cream for stretch marks

Although tretinoin cream has proven to effectively remove stretch marks, you still need to pay serious attention on the use of this medicine.

  • Tretinoin is only meant for topical use.
  • You only need to apply it thinly.
  • You will feel light sensation of warm and stinging from tretinoin when you first apply it. It’s common effect of the medicine.
  • Unless you suffer from the side effects, such as redness, dryness, scaling, or itching, you can continue applying this medicine.
  • You need to apply daily moisturizer to prevent dryness commonly found in using tretinoin.
  • Remember to use sunscreen or protective clothing when you are out under direct exposure of sunlight.

Tretinoin may cause mild sunburn when you are exposed to sunlight. You also need to be careful in using cosmetics and beauty treatments as interactions of those treatments with tretinoin may increase the risk of getting side effects.

Tretinoin cream for poison ivy

Tretinoin cream for poison ivy

How to use tretinoin cream for poison ivy

Poison ivy

Rash and redness caused by poison ivy or poison oak is a common thing that can happen all year long. During spring the case of poison ivy increases as people spend more time outdoor and it also increase the chance of them getting in contact with the plant. Although poison ivy is not a deathly case, it still give inconveniences to the one who suffers it. The rash and redness come with itchiness that surely make it feel uncomfortable. Beside the rash itself has given quite uncomfortable sight to the eye. Although the pain will fade and go in two weeks, you certainly will look for medicines that can relief the itch and allergic reaction from poison ivy. It won’t be hard to find as poison ivy is a common problem throughout the country. With only small contact with the plant can give you the allergic reaction. You can even suffer the allergic reaction through indirect contact. Even touching something that have been in contact with the oil of the plant can make you suffer from poison ivy.

Poison ivy rash

Poison ivy rash

The best way to prevent it from getting worse is to wash the skin contacted with poison ivy in cold running water. You need to do it as soon as possible as the reaction begins within minutes. Remove your clothing and wash it with detergent immediately. For the medicine, you can apply calamine lotion after taking cold shower. It will relief the itching. Some people choose hydrocortisone cream. This medicine can also relief the itching, but it’s not strong enough to relief the rashes. Cool compress can soothe the itching. You can use towel soaked in tap water. There are othe medicines that can soothe the intense itching. Although the itching seems to be the main problem as you may suffer from it for two weeks, it’s not the only problem that you have. You still suffer from rash that can dry up to some ooze. After a couple of days, the skin is cooling and you need to apply some medicine to cure the rash. Calamine makes the best choice for this purpose. You need to dry up the blisters. Don’t apply any lotion that contains benzocaine, topical antihistamine or zurconium as it will make the rash getting worse.

After the skin gets over the rash, you may find discolorization on the area exposed to poison ivy. Tretinoin cream for poison ivy may not be a common medicine. Tretinoin is usually prescribed for acne problems. This topical medicine is known for reducine wrinkles and fine lines too. Tretinoin stimulates the growth of new skin cells. If the rash and redness from poison ivy get worse and cause discolorization, then you may want to apply tretinoin to remove the discolorization. When you apply tretinoin for the first time, you may feel some warm sensation. Continue to apply this medicine unless you are having these symptoms, such as itching, mild burning, or skin redness. As tretinoin is considered as retinoids and the use of the medicine is supervised by health care professionals, you may need to contact your doctor in using tretinoin for poison ivy.

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